Thursday, February 12, 2009

Three Fingers Pointing Back and "Hope We Can Believe In" Riiiight!

In today's blog you will find two topics. One the grilling of the Wall Street financiers yesterday, and a lil treatise on what President Obama really meant by "Tax Cut". Enjoy!

Three Fingers Pointing Back

Yesterday on the Hill, Democrats took turns gesticulating for the cameras by taking their favorite whipping boy(s) (Read: Wall Street Execs) out to the post. Many Representatives wanted the "captains of industry" to answer for their wasteful excess at taxpayer's expense, and then get to the bottom of how these "titans of ticker tape" plan on using the "Bailout" money more responsibly. Yet, while watching one Congressperson after another point fingers at the Wall Street execs, and condemn them for what the Representative thought was gross maleficence, I could not help to think of what my 6th grade English teacher once taught me, "Every time you point a finger, there are three fingers pointing back." This led me to come up with what I thought should have been the responses of the Wall Street execs that sat in the hot seat.

1. When asked about their private jets by a snotty New England Rep., one exec should have said, "Don't look down at us about our using a more efficient way of travel when your Speaker spends $9000 to $22,000 an hour every time she travels on her 100% taxpayer supported Air Force jet. (, we took some taxpayer money, but we also made money and that profit also went to pay for our travel. Can you say this?"

2. When California Representative Maxine Waters began her tirade about Executive bonuses when those execs failed to keep their business solvent, one exec should have said:
"Don't lecture us about pay raises and bonuses when every single one of you up there voted to give yourself a $4,200 pay raise this year, and gave every single one of your staff a bonus, and yet I challenge you to show us one single government program that works. (Citizens Against Wasteful Spending)Our losses were only in the Billions, yours have been in the Trillions."

Don't get me wrong, I don't support Wall Street getting a Bailout, and their extravagances during these hard economic times are hard to swallow. However, I don't believe anyone should use anyone to score cheap political points. Especially if you are wanting them to revive your country. Besides I get tired of the smugness of the Democrats, and the moral superiority they think they have.

"Hope We Can Believe In." Yeah Riiight!

The economic figures are starting to come out about the Stimulus Package the Democrats are trying to shove down our throats. With these figures out one thing becomes perfectly clear. It is better for you in this country if you are a rodent, than a taxpayer.

According the H.R. 1, $30 Million dollars is going for wetland preservation in San Fransisco (wonder whose district this is for?), more specifically, to help preserve the habitat of an endangered mouse. Yet, as promised by President Obama, the American people are receiving a reduction in their tax burden. Being the ever stout populist, President Obama fought for a robust tax cut of $7.70 per week for every American. Thanks Mr. President, now I can afford an extra rental at blockbuster with my stimulating tax cut. I am definitely more hopeful today, than yesterday!

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