Thursday, June 12, 2008

Obama the Delusional

Yesterday on the campaign trail Senator and presidential candidate Barak Obama gave the single greatest quote of his campaign. "Its not the cost of gas that gives shock... its not the cost of gas, but how fast it went up." This single quote reveals a lot about the beliefs, judgment and mental state of the Democratic candidate. Mr. Obama's words reveal how out of touch he is with he American people, and how delusional he is about the energy situation in this country. But hey, he's going to talk to the terrorist and make it alright.

The American people could care less about the time it takes the market to adjust to the cost of energy, because in the amount of time the market adjusts many Americans will be homeless and starving. Energy costs have been horrible for far to long now, and the Federal Government has done nothing to relieve the problem.

Democrats want you to believe that it was under President Bush's watch that gas prices went up, and thus, it is his fault. However, in 2006, a barrel of oil cost $56 (up from $26 a barrel in 2001), but in the last 18 months (since the Democrats took power) oil has almost tripled to a cost of $136+ a barrel.

The Democrats in 2006 gave their energy plan. It called for large tax incentives and tax breaks for the oil industry and energy companies to research alternative sources of energy and to increase domestic supply. They promised that only they could lower oil prices and energy costs. Yet, after 18 months no legislation giving oil and energy companies tax breaks and tax incentives for increase supply production has been introduced; however, bill after bill has been introduced increasing taxes on oil and energy companies. lets also not forget the wonderful "cap and trade" or "Tax and kill" bill that just passed. Still, the Democrats have the "Audacity of Hype" to claim it is the Republicans who are at fault. As far as the the American people are concerned, both parties have not done enough to alleviate today's energy strain.

Until we increase our nation's supply of oil and lower domestic energy costs, it is delusional to believe that our problems won't seem as bad in a couple of months because the market will balance out. Such thinking is the reason why an Obama Presidency would be disastrous for this country.