Monday, July 21, 2008


For the last eight years Republicans have been regiled with "Bushisms" because of the current President's uncanny ability to butcher the English language. Yet, even in his misspeaking he still was able to master basic geography and social studies. Unfortunately, the current presumptive Democratic candidate for President, Senator Barak Obama (a Constitutional Lawyer) cannot seem to get even the most elementary facts about his country correct.

During the campaign for President, Barak Obama has given some wonderful gems for Republicans to devour. Even when the late night comedy hosts are experiencing ideological comedy block, Republicans around the country can enjoy the fodder Obama gives so generously.

For example, when asked about his campaign schedule Senator Obama offered that he had been to "57 states, and still [had] three more to go." Now the last time I counted the stars on the American flag there were only 50 stars, and if the honorable Senator from Illinois is correct, then Hawaii will have to change its State motto. Not knowing the number of states is not too serious when you consider that Miss Teen South Carolina believes her country's name is the "United States of Americans", or that over 54% of Americans cannot accurately locate Washington, D.C on a map, or even Texas for that matter. Mr. Obama's ignorance of the number of states in the United States just enables him to identify more closely with the American people, but surely when it comes to the Constitution, Mr. Obama is an expert?

Not according to his recent statements in an interview with CBS when asked why he is meeting with foreign heads of state. In response to the question Senator Obama replied, "I want to get to know [them] better since I hope to be working with them for the next 8 to 10 years."

Now I am no expert when it comes to Constitutional Law like Barak Obama, who graduated Harvard Law School with a specialization in Constitutional Law, but I do know that according to the 25th Amendment, the President of the United States is limited to two, four year terms. If my math is correct that equals 8 definitively, not 8 to 10.

Here we have a Presidential candidate who cannot effectively communicate the subject in which he is Ivy League educated, and no one can see the comedy in that. Perhaps the light night comedy hosts are getting lazy, or perhaps they are afraid of being labeled racist, heretics or even worse...Republicans.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Obama: A False Messiah

Since the beginning of the Democratic Primary race, Senator Obama's campaign has tried to portray the Illinois Senator as the "Savior of America". With an almost messianic message of "hope", "change", and "salvation" Mr. Obama has swept the country up in a kind of delirium, that rivals when the Beatles first arrived in the States back in the 1960s. Now the alleged "savior" is seeking to sway the evangelical vote his direction with policies that tickle the evangelical ear. It is time that American Evangelicals begin to see who this "wolf in sheep's clothing" really is.

In the last couple of weeks, Sen. Obama has reached out to America's evangelical community by promising to keep and expand President Bush's faith based initiatives program, and by stating that he believes that the legality of abortion should be determined by the States. However, these statements do not align with much of what Mr. Obama said during the Democratic primary.

For a gentleman who believes that people who believe in God do so because they are "bitter with their situation in life", claiming that he wants to help these embittered citizens who "cling to guns, and have anti-immigrant feelings" help their communities appears disingenuous. Senator Obama since before the beginning of his campaign has tried to court the Christian Evangelical vote. In his two books, he regales the reader with his stories of conversion and service to the Christian cause. Yet, when he is alone and with people who he believes are not going to report what he says, he belittles people of faith. I know that ridiculing Christians in San Francisco is en vouge to the voters of the most liberal city in America, but to the people of the South and the Bible belt it is patronizing, especially when his rhetoric about faith is different when he is in Mobile, Alabama.

In recent weeks Mr. Obama has also been quoted as saying that he believes that issues surrounding abortion should be decided by the States. However, this is not what the Senator, who believes a child is a punishment, said when he was courting Democratic votes. In a townhall meeting held by Mr. Obama during the primary, he was recorded (after being asked abortion) saying "I don't want my daughters, if they made a mistake, punished with a child". This simple statement reveals the heart of Mr. Obama, and tells us where really stands on this issue. Conservatives and Evangelicals should not be confused, the Honorable Senator from Illinois is not the "Savior of America"!

I believe that Senator Obama is genuine in his claims that he wishes to see change in America. All Americans would like to see change, but not all Americans are willing to sell out their beliefs or their freedom to do so. Since 2006 the Democratic Party has sought ways to lure the Christian Evangelical vote their way. In 2007, they hired a woman who had once held a policy position with the Assembly of God denomination, to help develop a strategy to make the Democrats more appealing to Christian voters. The language you see come from Senator Obama, is no doubt heartfelt, but it is clouded in the rhetoric that is emanating from the Religion think tank at the DNC. It is time that Evangelicals open their eyes and heed the warning that Jesus gave us to "beware of false prophets...and wolves in sheep's clothing".