Thursday, February 14, 2008

For the Good of the Country!

As many of you all are very well aware, I am a Huckabee supporter. I know that it has been an annoying bit for some of you to listen to my reasons for why Governor Huckabee should be President. Well...I am not sorry for supporting the person I feel is best for the country, as I am sure many of you do concerning your candidate. That being said, let me be completely forthright in telling you that I still believe that Huckabee is the best man for the job.

I know that many of you did not like his record of raising taxes in Arkansas, even though they went to improving infrastructure and education, and were voted on by the people of Arkansas. I know that many of you bought into the press' misrepresentations of Huckabee's stances on U.S. foreign policy, yet, he is probably the strongest candidate in regards to the warand America's position in the global community. All of these reasons are valid reasons for not supporting a candidate, but many of the candidates that you supported have done the same, if not worse.

Governor Mitt Romney raised taxes in Massachussetts, but he was smart enough to call them "fee changes". Gov. Romney was also responsible for increasing the intrusion of government in to the lives of his constituents by mandating that every person have health insurance, and if they could not afford it they would be covered by the state. I bet that is what the fee changes were for.

John McCain, "The Maverick of the Senate", stifled free speech in McCain-Feingold, was willing to grant amnesty to illegals in McCain-Kennedy, has said multiple times that he believes that America is responsible for torturing and has vowed to close the terrorist prison at Guantanamo.

Rudy Guiliani with his multiple marriages, support of gun control and pro-choice policies garnered the "moral" support of Rev. Pat Roberson.

I could go on and on about the lack of wonderful candidates the Republicans fielded this election cycle, but for the sake of your time I will refain. I bring this up only to say that out of the myriad of bad candidates, the best candidate that would do the most to heal the wounds of this country would be Huckabee, and that is what I feel America needs now, however, ever the pragmatist that I am, (it pains me to say what I am about to say)...I believe Governor Huckabee should step down and put his support behind Sen. McCain.

As Republicans, we need to begin rallying behind our candidate. We need to start the "get out the vote" campaigns now if we have any hope of counter acting the momentum the Democrats appear to have. Yes, many of us will have to go out for a stiff drink after we vote for McCain, but that in no way means that we should abstain, not vote or God forbid vote Democrat. The last option should not even be an option for any conservative. I know many of you may feel that McCain would not be any worse, but I promise you that you don't know the hell that awaits America should Hillary or Obama take office. Yes, McCain is a Maverick. Yes, he has done many things that force us to question his conservative credentials, but I tell you this, he is still better than the Blatant Communism coming from the Democrats.

The one thing that has made this country great is the personal freedoms provided by the Constitution and the free-market society. If the Democratic agenda, as it stands today, is given a foot hold in this country many of the freedoms we enjoy will be stripped away and will never return. Though painful as it may be, your ability to go to any doctor you want and choose any health coverage you want will be gone forever if Universal Healthcare is passed. Like Social Security, Socialized medicine will never go away should it be enacted. This is one mistake we cannot take back.

Taxes will return to pre-Reagan rates if they are allowed to pass their agenda. Thats right, forget about the Bush tax cuts, you'll be longing for the Reagan tax cuts, because the Democrats will need that much revenue to implement their programs should they secure the White House and maintain control of the House and Senate.

I for one enjoy a low tax burden and so does our economy. I could go into the Democrats platform regarding the military and where it should be, but I don't have time. As Republicans we must do what is good for this country, and that means taking one for the team if we have too. If you have to take an airline sickness bag in to the election booth, then do so, but it is time we "cowboy up" and do what is right for this country, and that is not having a Democrat in the White House. We can worry about the other two houses later.