Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Obama: A False Messiah

Since the beginning of the Democratic Primary race, Senator Obama's campaign has tried to portray the Illinois Senator as the "Savior of America". With an almost messianic message of "hope", "change", and "salvation" Mr. Obama has swept the country up in a kind of delirium, that rivals when the Beatles first arrived in the States back in the 1960s. Now the alleged "savior" is seeking to sway the evangelical vote his direction with policies that tickle the evangelical ear. It is time that American Evangelicals begin to see who this "wolf in sheep's clothing" really is.

In the last couple of weeks, Sen. Obama has reached out to America's evangelical community by promising to keep and expand President Bush's faith based initiatives program, and by stating that he believes that the legality of abortion should be determined by the States. However, these statements do not align with much of what Mr. Obama said during the Democratic primary.

For a gentleman who believes that people who believe in God do so because they are "bitter with their situation in life", claiming that he wants to help these embittered citizens who "cling to guns, and have anti-immigrant feelings" help their communities appears disingenuous. Senator Obama since before the beginning of his campaign has tried to court the Christian Evangelical vote. In his two books, he regales the reader with his stories of conversion and service to the Christian cause. Yet, when he is alone and with people who he believes are not going to report what he says, he belittles people of faith. I know that ridiculing Christians in San Francisco is en vouge to the voters of the most liberal city in America, but to the people of the South and the Bible belt it is patronizing, especially when his rhetoric about faith is different when he is in Mobile, Alabama.

In recent weeks Mr. Obama has also been quoted as saying that he believes that issues surrounding abortion should be decided by the States. However, this is not what the Senator, who believes a child is a punishment, said when he was courting Democratic votes. In a townhall meeting held by Mr. Obama during the primary, he was recorded (after being asked abortion) saying "I don't want my daughters, if they made a mistake, punished with a child". This simple statement reveals the heart of Mr. Obama, and tells us where really stands on this issue. Conservatives and Evangelicals should not be confused, the Honorable Senator from Illinois is not the "Savior of America"!

I believe that Senator Obama is genuine in his claims that he wishes to see change in America. All Americans would like to see change, but not all Americans are willing to sell out their beliefs or their freedom to do so. Since 2006 the Democratic Party has sought ways to lure the Christian Evangelical vote their way. In 2007, they hired a woman who had once held a policy position with the Assembly of God denomination, to help develop a strategy to make the Democrats more appealing to Christian voters. The language you see come from Senator Obama, is no doubt heartfelt, but it is clouded in the rhetoric that is emanating from the Religion think tank at the DNC. It is time that Evangelicals open their eyes and heed the warning that Jesus gave us to "beware of false prophets...and wolves in sheep's clothing".


Seven Star Hand said...

You hit the nail on the head., partner.

On the other hand, I was born in Texas and I am the real McCoy...

When money, religion, and politics fail dramatically in the very near future, only truth, justice, and verifiable wisdom are going to save humanity. Politicians and politics are about to become one of history's great lessons in folly.

When the full scope of human civilization is analyzed, it becomes abundantly clear that its pillars are money, religion, and politics. Of the three, money is by far the most important because politics and religion rely on it for existence. All three are great deceptions (strong lies) secretly managed by the Vatican and its secret society cohorts. This fact has been expertly hidden over the last two centuries. Money, religion and politics are Machiavellian deceptions whose common purpose is mass exploitation. Very few people understand that all three are tightly synchronized and interdependent logic traps. Consequently, to continue trying to win at such long-term and highly developed shell (and shill) games is absolute folly. Until we turn away from such obvious delusions, humanity’s great struggles and suffering will never end.

Here is Wisdom !!

Stephen said...

Hey Joe!! I just wanted to say one thing about this post. The real false prophet...the real danger that the christian evangelicals should worry about is George W. Bush and the people in his administration that have used christian ideals and, so called "faith based" organizations, for political gain.

Check out what David Kuo, deputy director of the White House faith-based and community initiatives says:

The White House was a place that cynically used religion for political ends and that White House aides ridiculed the very Christian leaders who helped bring Mr. Bush to office.

In his book, Kuo wrote that White House staffers would roll their eyes at evangelicals, calling them "nuts" and "goofy."

Asked if that was really the attitude, Kuo tells Stahl, "Oh, absolutely. You name the important Christian leader and I have heard them mocked by serious people in serious places."

Specifically, Kuo says people in the White House political affairs office referred to Pat Robertson as "insane," Jerry Falwell as "ridiculous," and that James Dobson "had to be controlled." And President Bush, he writes, talked about his compassion agenda, but never really fought for it.

Religion is a tough thing for the government to get involved in, and I believe it should not be involved at all. But the problem with the religious right is that they claim christians have to believe their way and can't have other view points. Plus, their leadership is just as power-hungry as the secular leaders.

But, us low-level people of faith should be careful about saying one side is more "christian" than the other. After all, Billy Graham is a life-long democrat!

Christians have been used and, pretty much, been made a laughing stock by President Bush and his administration. If Senator Obama is going to put these faith-based initiatives in place, he should be watched closely so history doesn't repeat itself. He comes from a background of social christianity (putting your faith into works) so it's not totally surprising that his continuing this initiative.

Sen. Obama has never claimed to be a messiah. He's never said he is the sole person that will make this country right! He has said he wants us to come together, work together and sacrifice together as a whole nation to make a better nation. Not a 50.5% to 49.5% nation. The reason he became so popular and why I started supporting him is because of that claim. Politicians don't usually talk like that. It is our responsibility as citizens to make this a better country and if we have someone in office who can communicate with us and put things in place to help us do that then that is what we this country needs. He was not regailing Christians in San Francisco, he was trying to explain why he felt people were so bitter in the Appalachian areas. Was it so wrong what he said? Maybe it was wrongly worded but when you are having a rough time, what do you cling to? My guess is your faith.

Anyway, the bitter views I have heard about Sen. Obama astound me...not because of policy, but because of who he is. I actually heard someone accuse him of possibly being the anti-christ!!!! That's up there with him being a Muslim and being sworn in on a Koran.

I digress now, but just wanted to put in my two-cents!