Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Letter to 70 Million Americans

My Fellow Americans,

I know that over the last two years many disturbing and troubling events have occurred. We have seen yet another financial burst and send our economy into free fall. We have seen the banks declare their inability to remain solvant, and we have seen the big three auto makers declare their need for help. During this great time of turmoil you, my fellow Americans, voted for a charasmatic speaker who promised "change you can believe in", and promised to radically change the way business was done in Washington. To be honest all Americans hoped that this young leader could deliver on these promises, however, it seems in the last two weeks much of his promises were just rhetoric. So, I pose this question again, "Is this what you voted for?"

Did you vote for American tax dollars to be spent on the sensless murder of unborn children around the globe all in the name of economic simplicity? Did you vote for the Commander in Chief to close the only prison we have for murderous and feckless terrorist thugs, and then not have alternate spot to house them? Did you vote for a man to head the Executive Branch who chose a Governor suspected of "pay for play" to run Commerce, a tax cheat to run the Treasury, another tax cheat to run HHS, the wife of a tax cheat to be his performance officer, and a porn lobbyist to be Deputy Atty. General? Did you really vote for a President who would spend 2-4 trillion dollars of money we don't have, for only the "possibility" of economic recovery? Did you really really vote for a man who doesn't believe that this stimulus package has any pork? If you did than we need to talk, because none of this is the change anyone was promised!

I know for about 30 million of you what President Obama is doing is exactly what you hoped for; however, for the remaining 40 million you cannot believe what you are seeing. You seeing a President who promised change, but delivered nothing be the same tired Washington policies. You have seen a President who promised inclusion, exclude every REAL conservative from the conversation. You have seen a President who promised tax cuts for 95% of Americans run from that promise the first chance he could. You have seen exactly what you thought you were voting against in the man you voted for. How does this make you feel?

If it makes you feel outraged and incensed, then join me in using the next two years to give the Republicans a majority in one of the houses of Congress. Lets have real representative democracy, and force the President to have to genuinely compromise in order to get things done. Lets stop the forced socialism, and give the Democrats a real revolution to deal with, a Conservative Revolution!


Joe Shehan

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