Thursday, November 13, 2008

Newt and Burgess - Future of the GOP

Two days ago, I read on the Drudge Report that Newt Gingrich is rumored to be seeking the RNC chairmanship. This excited me to no end, then today I discovered that Congressman Michael C. Burgess, MD (TX-26) is seeking the House Republican Policy Committee Chairmanship, and now my joy runneth over! Should Newt and Burgess receive these posts we can be sure the GOP will be heading in the right direction.
Newt will serve the Party and the country best as the chairman of the RNC. His books Winning the Future and Real Change put forth a plan for this country that will rebuild America. They are solidly conservative, and place government squarely in the place that it belongs. The policies Newt focuses on in these books are overwhelmingly popular with the American people, and if pursued with the help of a Burgess Policy chairmanship could propell the GOP back into the Majority.
I know Congressman Burgess both personally and professionally. I am proud that I spent 2006 -2007 helping Burgess represent the people of the 26th District, and I know that if given the chance, Dr. Burgess can heal the Republican Party. His courage underfire (which I have seen first hand) and leadership is the exact prescription the GOP needs. Dr. Burgess is a conservative's conservative, and knows exactly how to fix America's healthcare woes, energy crisis, and has the moral fortitude to stand up to the special interest, and give the American people the medicine they need for recovery.
With Burgess and Gingrich at the helm, the future of the Republican Party looks strong, however, this future can dim should the moderate and liberal Republicans dominate the GOP. That is why we need to inform our representation that we want the real leadership of Burgess and Gingrich.

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