Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mr. Obama, Our President

The people have spoken, and have chosen as their 44th president, the first African-American president, Barak Hussein Obama. This is a great day for our county's racial relations, and with much prayer could be a great day for our country as a whole. Eventhough I vigorously campaigned against president-elect Obama and do not agree with a single policy he campaigned on, he is my President and I wish him well.

In the Bible, Second Timothy, chapter 2 starts out exclaiming Christians to pray for all their leaders, that they will govern justly and there will be peace. This is my prayer for the leaders of our country, and for President-elect Obama. My prayer is that he governs so well, that as Dennis Miller said, "I want to run out and vote for his second term." Unfortunately, as I said during the campaign, I do not believe this will be so.

As a candidate of Change, Barak Obama promised us that he would reform Washington, and yet his choice for a running mate, and now his choices for a cabinet show either a veiled niavete, or deliberate dishonesty in that promise. By choosing former Clinton Administration advisors and Cabinet members, it is hard to determine if President-elect Obama is really serious about change. Or was change simply a by-word for anti-Bushism? It will be interesting to see if the Obama Administration will be something new and inspiring, or if it will be business as usual. I hope for the former.

Many conservative activists and media personalities have already shown what makes being conservative great. Everyone is wishing this soon-to-be president well, and showing what it means to be real patriots by supporting the office and not the man. All true patriots want the best for their country, and want their president to govern well, because when the government governs well, the people flurish.

A Prayer:

May God continue to shine his face on the United States of America, and may his eternal blessings rain done upon us forever. May our Heavenly Father give President Obama the wisdom and courage needed in the tough times, and the integrity and intelligence needed in the easy times.
In Jesus' precious name , Amen!

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