Monday, April 28, 2008

Obama's Undoing: 5 things that will end Senator Obama's Presidential bid

After watching Fox News Sunday’s interview with Presidential hopeful Senator Barak Obama I realized that there are really five clear things that will bring down the Illinois Senator.

1. Connections with a radical Black Liberation preacher and church.

It is not merely that people disagree with the racial ranting and conspiratorial diatribes that come forth from the mouth of Rev. Jeremiah Wright that will hurt Se. Obama. It is Sen. Obama’s denial that in 20 years of attending Rev. Wright’s church he never heard anything controversial. Well that was the first answer. Then it was Sen. Obama heard things he didn’t necessarily agree with, but stayed in the church because of the good works the church was doing in the community. It doesn’t matter the good works an organization does in a community, if it is teaching racism and sedition it is not an organization any person should be a member of. Only those blinded by “hope” would see otherwise.

2. The company he keeps.

When you have one radical or shady friend people are willing to accept that, because we all have one or two people we wish we didn’t know. However, when you defend a known terrorist and associate and profit from dirty dealers the American people begin to question your judgment. Sen. Obama not only associates himself with a radical racist pastor, but is also closely connected to a 1960’s radical who is known, and unapologetically admitted to blowing up bombs at several Washington D.C. buildings. The connection between Sen. Obama and Prof. William Ayers is both neighborly and financial. Mr. Ayers held a find raiser for Sen. Obama’s presidential campaign where Sen. Obama was in attendance. When asked about his association with Prof. Ayers, Obama defiantly asks if he should “base his associations on actions individuals did 40 years ago?” My answer to that question is yes! Especially when it comes to someone who is guilty of sedition and still believes he was right in doing what he did.

3. Sen. Obama has a 98.9% liberal voting record (, the highest in the Senate.

In 2004, Sen. John Kerry (D- MA) was given a 96% liberal voting record, meaning that 96% of the time he voted with the liberal cause. This hurt Sen. John Kerry in 2004, and it will not bode well for a man who claims he can “reach across the aisle, and unite the country”. It is hard to believe that conservatives will appreciate the first 100 days of an Obama presidency when such legislation as Universal Healthcare or the raising of taxes is passed and signed. These are some of the issues Mr. Obama has consistently voted for.

4. A vague presidential platform of “change”.

“What does Senator Obama seek to change?” is the question millions of Americans still need Sen. Obama to answer. In his stumps speech he talks about hope and change, but he never details how he intends to change Washington. Is he going to change his own style of politics, and fight against the special interest that he represents in order to reach across the aisle? Is he going to veto anything that comes from his party? Change is a very broad topic, and is a wonderfully popular topic among the American people, however, eventually they want to know how you plan on changing America, and usually they make you tell them before they will vote for you.

5. Not saying what he means the first time.

During the entire interview on Saturday, Sen. Obama repeatedly corrected Chris Wallace, who was directly quoting Mr. Obama, and told him “what he meant by that”. It is hard to get behind a candidate that when questioned on his statements, tries to spin his statement to mean something else. The American people deserve a president who means what he says the first time he says it. We do not deserve someone who changes the meaning of his words when they are no longer politically expedient. Mr. Obama’s desire to be all things to all people will in the end give him a falseness that the American people will reject. This item is what I believe will hurt him the most.

For the first time in American history, America has a legitimate African-American candidate. However, being charismatic and articulate is not enough to run the greatest country every created by man. In these hard times we need real leadership with real, clear vision. We don’t need empty promises of hope and change, but we need someone who on day one will begin to allow his actions speak for themselves. Senator Obama is very “presidential”, but I do not believe there is much “there, there”. Yet, only time will tell, and we will see who Mr. Obama really is, should he receive the Democratic nomination.

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