Thursday, January 31, 2008

I am not a Conservative!

I guess if you are someone who believes in securing the borders, providing pride for the people of America by stimulating the economy by letting them keep 100% of their paycheck, that every life is sacred no matter if it is inside or outside the womb, and believe in a strong national defense; then you are not a Conservative. These positions are positions are positions held by Governor Mike Huckabee, but according to leading Republican strategists and conservative talk-radio he is not a conservative.

Governor Huckabee was elected to a state that voted for Bill Clinton three times. He was elected for Lt. Governor when Bill Clinton's Lt Governor was elected Governor, and became Governor when Clinton's Lt. Governor was indicted for fraud. As Governor, in a state where major tax initiatives are voted on the people, Gov. Huckabee signed miniscule tax increases that were then used to improve roads in a state known for a horrible infrastructure. However, he was able to cut taxes in areas that were detrimental to Arkansas' economy and was able to oversee the largest surplus in Arkansas' history. One should note that this surplus was a result of Huckabee's restaint in spending. Gov. Huckabee also took the 2nd worst education system and turned it into the 6th best. In a state that is prodominently Democratic a Republican Governor was relected twice. How? By being a populace. I believe if Gov. Huckabee had put his party over the people of his state, he would be the Republican nominee today, but He would never got past his first term and Arkansas would be worse off.

I would love to do what many of you asked, and be like the news media and only focus on a Maverick and a Convenient Conservative, but I would rather focus on the one person who I believe should win. There is only one candidate that could bring this country together, and help heal our wounds.

Even though evangelicals have been relegated to a corner, and labeled a kook wing of the far right; we belive in the greatness of this country. We believe this country operates under the blessings of our Lord, and when we move further from him, we move further from his blessing. Yet, our candidates are not given serrious thought, because in the past many of our candidates have been less than serious. However, Huckabee is finally a serious candidate, and he deserves his due. If you don't believe he is serious, I dare you to explain how he has spent less money than any candidate, and is in a very strong third, and stands to win a lot of delegates today.

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