Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Soapbox

Back in God’s Country!
By Joe Shehan

I have always said that there is nothing like the Texas sky. Growing up just outside Ft. Worth, I had a fort that I would climb to the top of and lay for hours looking at the bright blue sky. Well gentle reader, for the last year I have been wonderfully serving my country in Washington, D.C. and have not been able to see the Texas sky and I missed it dearly. Well, my family and I have returned to Texas (God’s Country) to stay, and the beautiful Texas Sky was there to great us as we crossed the border from Arkansas into Texas.

The title of this blog is called the Texas Watchtower and not the American Watchtower, because of my love for this state. For too long now the liberals have had dominance over the North Texas Blog-o-sphere for far too long. It is my goal to provide quality analysis and opinion of what is going on politically and socially in the North Texas region as well as in the country.

Its good to be back, and I am ready, and my friends are ready to take on the liberal establishment, and provide you with the other side –and more often than not the true side- of the story.

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