Tuesday, November 6, 2007

What is the Texas Watchtower?

by Joe Shehan, Founder of The Texas Watchtower

In the not too recent past, Weblogs or simply “blogs” have become a very effective tool to reach what those in the political world call “the grassroots”. By placing political opinion on the World Wide Web many political pundits can influence the way the ordinary, everyday person views particular issues. Yet, for too long now in North Texas the “blogosphere” or the world of NorthTexas blogs has leaned in one direction. It is time for that to change, and thus enters the Texas Watchtower.

The Texas Watchtower seeks to combine both politics and Christian ministry together. It is not an advocate for theocracy, but a platform for Christians and Conservatives to come together, and discuss today’s issues.

The Watchtower will be divided into three sections of interests, and they are the Podium, the Pulpit, and the Soapbox. The Podium is reserved for elected officials who wish to relay their take on what is going on at the local, state and national level. The Pulpit will be reserved for those ministers who wish to discuss the role of Christians in today’s society, and what we can all do to try to better our communities. Lastly, the Soapbox is open to all who are active in their community (i.e. Local Conservative leaders, Political Activists or Community Organizers.) It is the hopes of the North Texas Watchtower to provide a conservative alternative to the liberal blogs that seem to dominate the local blogosphere.

Ultimately, the Texas Watchtower is based on Habakkuk 2:1, which says,

“I will stand my guard post, and station myself in the rampart [watchtower]; and I will keep watch to see what He will speak to me, and how I may reply when I am reproved.”

Those who write for the Texas Watchtower will seek to look out for the voters and people of North Texas, Texas and the Nation, so that they will know the truth separate from the lies. Much of what is called “truth” out there is a distortion of the truth, and it is up to the Texas Watchtower to keep a vigilant eye to ensure that the people remain informed and motivated to better their community, state and country.

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